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Mathematical But Famous Nonmathematicians II

All of the following people share a common element...they all studied mathematics in college as majors or minors....though some left before completing a degree. Given their first name and profession/position (former?), can you identify them by unscrambling their last names?

  • Mae IMOJSEN: First African-American in space
  • Pierre ZEBOUL: Modernist composer and conductor
  • Clifford WRONB: Fifties jazz trumpter
  • Phillip SLAGS: Composer
  • SHEILOE: Wrote humorous hints for homemakers
  • Christopher NERW: Architect of St. Paul's Cathedral in London
  • Ed PRETHO: Co-inventor of program trading on Wall Street
  • Edmund SHURELS: Father of Phenomenology
  • Michael RODJAN: Basketball star
  • Davey SHONNOJ: Manager of the New York Mets baseball team
  • John Maynard SKENEY: Economist
  • Danica KRAMCELL: Actress
  • Virginia ADEW: Tennis star
  • Carole GINK: Singer-songwriter
  • J. Pierpont GRONMA: Banking, steel, and railroad magnate
Once deciphered, read about the people and their mathematical studies.


Source: Adaptation of S. Buyske's "Famous Nonmathematicians," AMM, Nov. 1993, pp. 845-847