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I was born in Moscow, the son of a expert glass-blower.

After graduating in mathematics at Moscow State University, I taught high school math and did research at the Ivanovo Pedagogical Institute.

My first paper was a major contribution to logic and model theory, involving ideas that followed from Godel's Completeness Theorem.

Andrei Kolmogorov was my mathematical mentor...as we took multiple 1000-km-long trips down the Volga in a rowboat, discussing mathematics along with his pet dog.

I constantly pursued mathematical ideas that were popular, especially within group theory---Lie groups, topological groups, linear groups, nilpotent groups, associative algebras, and model theory.

I served as Editor of the Siberian Mathematical Journal, started the journal Algebra i logika, and even tried to establish an international math institute in Novosibirsk...but latter failed because I concluded no one would want to face the cold Siberian winters.

In addition to enjoying long walks and long swims, I was refreshed by diversions such as playing the violin and the piano.

Answer: Anatoly Ivanovich Maltsev (1909 - 1967)