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Born in Neuchatel, Switzerland, I published my first article at age 10...it was about an albino sparrow.

In graduate school, my studies focused on mathematics, science, logic, and a new field called psychology.

As a developmental psychologist, I observed the learning patterns of children, which led to my proposal of four stages of development, ending with the formal operational period which is so significant to learning mathematics.

According to some, I investigated how children learn the concepts and operations of arithmetic, geometry, algebra, measurement, probability, and logic...more than any other person, and basically started the constructivist movement.

In addition to my books on development psychology, I published a text on algebraic logic and another text on groups and lattices.

Someone once asked me why mathematics was important in the study of cognitive developmen...and I replied: "Because, along with formal logic, mathematics is the only entirely deductive discipline."

Answer: Jean Piaget (1896 - 1980)