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The son of a mathematician, I was born in Hofei, Anhwei, China.

After receiving a graduate degree in mathematics, I taught high school mathematics in China.

After WWII, I moved to the U.S. to study phyics at the University of Chicago under Enrico Fermi and Edward Teller...which led to a teaching position at the Institute of Advanced Study in Princeton.

Early on, I co-authored 32 papers with a Chinese colleague (Ysung Dao Lee) at Princeton, primarily on the parity distinction between right and left in particles...which led to a Nobel Prize in 1957.

However, due to political and professional reasons, I no longer associate or communicate with Dao Lee..and we are now at separate universities.

Though viewed as a physicist, I focus on the intutive mathematics underlying my research...and often publish in math journals rather than physics journals.

My initial work on non-Abelian gauge fields continues to be a source of interest amongst teams of mathematicians and physicists.

As a scientist, I state that my "main job is to think"...and I am bothered by the U.S.' lack of respect for "learning and leanedness."

Answer: Chen Ning Yang (1922 - ?)