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This may be a hard one...but he is connected to this past "special week." First, he was born in Portland (OR) on May 8, 1911.

After graduating from Reed College in 1933, he obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago with his thesis dealing with a problem of Lagrange.

After briefly teaching mathematics at the University of Tennessee, he moved to UCLA in 1937 (where I met him)...and did not retire until 1976.

His research touched on differential equations, geometry, and applied mathematics...but his speciality was the area of convexity (publishing the classic text Convex Sets in 1964).

In addition to enjoying fly-fishing, his great accomplishment was as a postal historian, with his collection of postage stamps, covers, and old letters filling over 50 volumes and reached back to the 14th century.

Answer: Frederick A. Valentine (1911-2002)