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Considered to be a brilliant student at the Ecole Polytechnique, I was drafted into the military service where I was seriously injured by a fall from an observation post during a bombardment.

Near the end of my convalescence, I was eating a meal...but then stabbed and killed my younger brother, an aunt, and an uncle.

Captured without resistence, I was judged insane and spent the rest of my life in a psychiatric hospital.

So, where is the Math? While in the hospital, I taught myself advanced mathematics, and even wrote many papers on a wide range of math topics (geometry, number theory, etc.), including the standard texts on holomorphic and meromorphic functions.

Trying to improve how mathematics was taught, I wrote articles on the improvement of standard proofs.

Though in the mental hospital, I disguised my address and carried on a rich correspondence with great mathematicians such as Cartan, Polya, Picard, Montel, and Mittag-Lefler.

According to French psychiatrist Henri Baruk, I was a model patient who exhibited "rational morbidity," seeing that by mathematical logic, it was my "eugenioc duty" to cleanse the branch of my family that was defective mentally.

In fact, when my remaining brother visited me in the hospital near the end of my life, I reported to the doctor that my work "was not finished yet"...who argued against my claim, until I replied "You are using emotional language. Above all there is mathematics and its laws."

Answer: Andre Bloch (1893-1948)