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After earning BA from Yale University and an MA from the University of Chicago, I got my Ph.D. from the University of Göttingen, studying logic and mathematics under Paul Bernays, Emmy Noether and Hermann Weyl.

Most of my career was spent as a Mathematics Professor at the University of Chicago, where I focused on abstract algebra topics and with a colleague, created the filed of category theory.

Due to my style of writing and explaining mathematics using arrows, I am often called the father of "the diagrammatic approach to contemporary mathematics."

Devoted to writing user-approachable texts, I co-authored the seminal modern algebra text that basically allowed undergraduates to learn and master this field.

As President of the Mathematical Association of America in the 1950s, I started its activities aimed at improving the teaching of modern mathematics...aka Sputnik or modern math.

As a side note, I inserted an unexpected space into my surname because my first wife had difficulty typing the name without a space.

Answer: Saunders Mac Lane (1909 – 2005)