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Born in Stockholm, Sweden, I was the son of the local school principal...and eventually received my Ph.D. from Uppsala University.

Later, I traveled to Berlin and studied under Karl Weierstrass, then became a professor of mathematics the University of Helsinki.

A few years later I was named the first professor of mathematics at the University College of Stockholm, and even became the President of the college for two years.

After retiring from academia. I started a very successful business....but an economic collapse in Europe wiped out my fortune.

In mathematics, I did research in mathematical analysis, with my best result being the analytic representation of a one-valued function...summarized in a special theorem now named after me (most students think two people proved it!).

I was perhaps the first mathematician to support Cantor's radical theory of sets, leading to the great mathematician Kronecker refusing to publish articles in Acta Mathematica (a journal I started).

A strong vocal advocate of women's rights, I led the process of making Sofia Kovalevskaya a full professor of mathematics in Stockholm, the first woman anywhere to hold such a position.

Also, you may have heard the story that Alfred Nobel refused to set up a prize in mathematics because of my alleged affair with Signe Lindfors...but no one knows the real story!

Answer: Magnus Gustaf Mittag-Leffler (1846 1927)