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Born in Illinois, I was the son of a pianist, my mom, and a children's mystery author, my dad.

Despite an interuption for a stint in the navy, I received my undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Illinois.

My first eponym had to do with an "envelope," the smallest supermartingale dominating a given payoff process. (Note: a supermatingale is basically an unfavorable game.)

When John Kemeny was hired by Dartmouth, he took me along from Princeton, as his charge was rebuild a quality math department.

Most of my mathematics research involved finite Markov chains, but my claim to fame is prhaps co-authoring with Kemeny (and Gerald Thompson) the first text that focused on applications of finite mathematics in the social sciences.

Using the royalties from the best-selling text, I created a performance space for amateur musicians and singers....called "The Barn."

Connected to my writing of Chance News (perhaps a blog before blogs existed), I created the Chance courses implemented at many universities...combining good mathematics with news events, sports, gambling, and medicine.

A good friend once described me graciously: "Just by getting to know him, we all feel as though we've won the lottery."

Answer: Laurie Snell (1925-2011)