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My brother Jenö loved mathematics and always regretted not having pursued that subject, yet he is almost as well known to medical people as I am to mathematicians.

I studied law and especially like physics, but "came late to mathematics" in making contributions to combinatorics, analysis, geometric symmetry, and complex analysis.

A soccer injury helped me avoid conscription into service in the Hungarian army during WWI, though I was prepared to invoke my pacifist views.

I was lucky in life to have studied and interacted with many mathematical greats: Hilbert, Klein, Weyl, Courant, Picard, Hadamard, Zermelo, Hardy, and Littlewood.

Some say I am the father of heuristic problem solving: The aim of heuristic is to study the methods and rules of discovery and invention .... Heuristic, as an adjective, means 'serving to discover'. ... its purpose is to discover the solution of the present problem. ... What is good education? Systematically giving opportunity to the student to discover things by himself.

Answer: George Pólya (1887-1985)