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Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, I was educated at Trinity Academy (Edinburgh), Edinburgh Ladies' College (graduated as Dux in Mathematics), and the University of Edinburgh (graduated with a masters in Mathematics and Natural Philosophy).

Later, I studied and did research under Mary Cartwright at Girton College, Cambridge...eventually publishing the book On the Asymptotic Periods of Integral Functions.

While teaching mathematics at multiple schools, I met my husband, a mathematicians as well, and via a joint appointment with him at the University of Aberdeen, I eventually completed my Ph.D.

In the next 10 years, I published ten papers...while also raising 3 children who took most of my time.

Eventually, my family moved to the U.S., when my husband, and I took visiting positions at the University of Cincinnati...but I died two years later from cancer.

Though known for my work on the Whittaker constant, my biggest professional feat perhaps was being co-author of a German-English mathematical dictionary.

But the nicest words were from Mary Cartwright who wrote rthat I was to be "remembered as an exceptionally clear lecturer, and an excellent teacher with a warm-hearted but realistic interest in each of her students and also as a charming and helpful and often amusing colleague."

Answer: Sheila Scott MacIntyre (1910 - 1960)