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I was born in Waltdorf (Nysa, Poland) and was a student at Hamburg University, working under Wilhelm Blaschke.

I was appointed Professor of Mathematics in Königsberg, then later filled positions at many other universities.

I have served as supervisor to great mathematicians--Kurt Leichtweiss and Gerhard Ringel....plus both of my sons became mathematicians

World War II interupted my mathematics rseearch, as I was assigned to work with the German Navy's Weather Service.

My claim to fame is my Theorem that says "the size of an antichain in the power set of an n-set is at most the middle binomial coefficient"...which probably does not mean anything to you!

However, it is my Lemma to the Theorem that is getting recent attention: "every ***** coloring of a triangulation of an n-dimensional simplex contains a cell colored with a complete set of colors"...which provides a direct proof of the more-famous Brouwer fixed-point theorem.

As a final hint, my Lemma is the basis of the decision-making solution for fair rent allocations, as discussed in this week's website review....

Answer: Emanuel Sperner (1905 - 1980)