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Born in Germany before WWII, my parents put me in a "Kindertransport" that brought me to a boarding school in Great Britain.

My math teaching career began in England when I was only 16, long before I had obtained a B.A. degree from Hunter College in the United States.

Eventually I received a doctorate from Harvard, and later taught there...and developed a great working/writing relationship with Stephen Brown.

My passions were informal geometry, problem posing, and links between mathematics and the visual arts...possibly all fueled by a workshop experience with George Polya.

I have taught and done workshops for teachers throughout the world via UNESCO, Dalhouise University, the Atlantic Institute of Education, Boston Children's Hospital, and the University of Oregon.

My writings of books for children and math teachers received two New York Academy of Sciences Awards, plus I was elected to the Massachusetts Hall of Fame for Math Educators.

Again, if you want to know more about me, investigate the area of problem posing.... which is a great but difficult experience.

Answer: Marion Walter 1928 -