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I was a mathematician, prolific author of 61 books and 120 articles, teacher, and a political activist.

An accomplished pianist and lutenist, I had a sister who was an actress and a twin brother who was a college basketball coach.

I led a "compartmentalized", self-disciplined life...as according to my obituary:"His mathematical colleagues were told virtually nothing about his personal life, his family knew very little about his mathematical research, his political allies were only slightly informed of his mathematical interests, and even his closest friends were unaware of each other's presence in his life."

Joining the Yale University mathematics faculty in 1972, I retired in the spring of 2005 (and unfortunately died on September 12, 2005).

Originally a student in algebraic number theory under Emil Artin, I also contributed in the areas of algebraic geometry, diophantine approximation, analysis, Arakelov theory (I invented it), and modular forms.

Answer: Serge Lang (1927-2005)

Source: Notices of the AMS, May 2006.