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My father was a Russian Jew and my mother was a German Protestant, leading to my early life in camps for displaced persons due to World War II.

My parents fought in the Spanish Civil War, then my father was sent to Auschwitz where he died in 1942.

As a researcher at IHES, I made major contributions to algebraic geometry, homological algebra, and functional analysis...and was awarded the Fields Medal in 1966.

Known to be an eccentric, I gave lectures on category theory in the forests surrounding Hanoi while the city was being bombed, to protest against the Vietnam war.

I retired in 1988...then in 1991 I left my home in France and disappeared....some claim I now live as a hermit in the South of France, herding goats and "entertaining radical ecological theories."

Note: This item is being repeated because the mathematician involved died within the past week.

Answer: Alexandre Grothendieck (1928-?)