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Born in Lebanon (PA), I became interested in mathematics in junior high school due to a geometry problem found in a science fiction novel.

I taught mathematics at all school levels (K-16) and was co-author of an innovative elementary school mathematics curriculum by CEMREL Labs.

I receved my Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Oregon, writing a thesis on properties of prime numbers.

In 1983, I joined Sesame Workshop (formerly Children's Television Workshop) and helped them focus on using television to interest young kids in mathematics.

I was content director of the show Square One TV (aimed at kids ages 8-12) that made creative use of the infamous detective segment "MathNet" and comedy sketches.

I also helped create the mathematics shows Math Talk and Risky Numbers, as well as the animated scince series Cro.

In addition to having a passion for using creative media to share my love for mathematics with young kids, I worked internationally to promote good health and nutrition for young children.

Answer: Joel E. Schneider (1943-2004)...and he was a good friend of mine!