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My early plans to become an astronomer were interrupted by WWI, when my family was forced to evacuate from Poland.

Returning to Poland and the University of Warsaw after the war, I became an active part of the Polish Mathematical School, led by Warclaw Sierpinski.

I became a math professor at the University of Wilno and collaborated with Jozef Marcinkiewicz in the area of Functional analysis and Fourier series.

At start of WWII in 1939, Marcinkiewicz and I were both drafted into the Polish army...he was taken prisoner and executed but I was able to escape eventually through friends' help to the United States in 1940.

At the University of Chicago, I became the leader of a strong group of researchers in several branches of analysis (called the Chicago School of Analysis).

My most notable publication was the book Trigonometric Series.

Answer: Antoni Zygmund (1900-1992)