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Known as "The Great Geometer," I was born in Perga, Pamphylia, which today is known as Murtina, Turkey.

My book Conics introduced the terms parabola, ellipse and hyperbola.

In my a book Quick Delivery (copies do not exist), I obtained an approximation for π better than the 223/71 < π < 22/7, which was known to Archimedes.

In my book On the Burning Mirror, I disproved the misassumption that spherical mirrors would bring parallel rays of light to a focus...and showed that such would occur with a parabolic mirror.

I made important contributions to astronomy, sometimes being credited incorrectly...such as the proposal of systems of eccentric and epicyclic motion to explain the apparent motion of the planets across the sky.

Answer: Apollonius of Perga (circa 262 - 190 B.C.)