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This week's mystery is difficult.......making it a good game to play at a New Year's Eve party.

I was born in Philadelphia (PA) in 1849.

I was known as the Harvard "Math Wizard" because I earned the first Harvard PhD in mathematics in 1873.

The picture on the right, me as a distinguished professor, was being sold on ebay for $75 in September of 2006.

I was an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Cornell University from 1873 to 1876, and then employed in the same capacity at Harvard in 1876-81, and appointed full professor there in 1881.

I published Elements of Differential Calculus (1879)[sold on e-bay in September for about $6], Elements of Integral Calculus (1881), and the syllabi of the Harvard courses in plane trigonometry, analytical geometry, equations, and methods in analytic geometry.

******* Hall on Harvard's campus is named in my honor.

Answer: William Elwood Byerly [1849-1935]