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In addition to being a mathematician and a philosopher, I was a statesman during the collapse of the Roman Empire.

Though I am considered to be the foremost mathematician produced by ancient Rome, my work is at a level far below that of the Greeks.

I wrote four books forming the quadrivium -- an Arithmetic based on the work of Nicomachus, a Geometry based on the work of Euclid, an Astronomy based on Ptolemy's work, and a Music that is also based on the work of Euclid.

Though people are unsure as to my specific scholarly contributions, they are sure that I focused on both the connection of mathematics to philosophy and the applicability of mathematics to measurement problems.

In trouble due to political conflict (no one is sure what was involved...the charges were treason, the practice of magic, and sacrilege), I was executed in 524 after a long imprisonment

Answer: Boethius, ca. 480-524