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Of German descent, I studied under Felix Klein at Göttingen, receiving my doctorate in mathematics in 1910.

My "habilitation" thesis in 1911 discussed groups of Euclidean motions that helped solve German mathematician David Hilbert's eighteenth problem.

In the area of complex analysis, my eponymic conjecture states a "necessary condition on a holomorphic function to map the open unit disk of the complex plane injectively to the complex plane."...that's a mouthful...and it was not proven until 1984 by Louis de Branges.

I was an active Nazi, and my anti-Semitic attitude led to the repression of my Jewish colleagues, Edmund Landau and my "dear friend" and co-author Issai Schur.

Along with Theodore Vahlen, another German mathematician and anti-Semite, we founded the "Deutsche Mathematik" movement and its journal, with the aim of promoting a "German" style in mathematics.

At the war's end, I was dismissed in 1945 from all my academic positions because of my support of Nazism.

Answer: Ludwig Georg Elias Moses Bieberbach, 1886-1982