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In the 12th grade, I read Abbott's Flatland and fell in love with geometry.

In college and graduate school, I played with physics but settled on studying mathematics under Bill Thurston at Princeton.

After a few years of teaching college mathematics, I resigned to be a full-time dad.

To make some income, I consulted with NSF's Geometry Center and did some work with science museums.

In 1999, I was surprised by the award of a MacArthur Foundation grant, which supported my work in geometry for five years.

I keep playing with the physics of space, which has led to my writing of books and software on Exploring the Shape of Space for secondary students.

The AMS recently honored me with their Conant Prize for my article "The Poincare Dodecahedral Space and the Mystery of the Missing Flucuations."

Answer: Jeffrey Renwick Weeks