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Double Jeopardy

On the Jeopardy game show on September 29, "Math" was the first category for Double Jeopardy. However, the three contestants exhausted all of the other clues/items before chosing a "math" item.

Mathematics on Jeopardy always fascinates me because the questions seem so simple compared to questions relating to esoteric categories such as "Mongolian Art Prior to Columbus" or "16-letter Spanish Terms for Food." Also, I am usually appalled at how poorly these "genius" contestants perform on mathematics questions.

On this show, the returning winner first won $1000 for responding to this "answer" with a correct question:
In (2x103)(3x106) = 6x10?, the missing power is this.
Again, quite easy for a Double Jeopardy round!

The man then lost a wager of $2300 on this "answer":
For a line, its the ratio of the vertical change in distance to the horizontal change in distance.
Do you know the correct question? I think an algebra teacher rolled over in his/her grave somewhere!