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My Name Is Merry

Following up on twenty years of surprising social psychology research, Leif Nelson and Joseph Simmons discovered that people tend to make decisions based on the initial of their first name. Their claim: "Toby is more likely to buy a Toyoto, move to Toronto and marry Tonya than is Jack, who is more likely to buy a Jaguar, move to Jacksonville, and marry Jackie."

By analyzing 90 years of baseball statistics, they discovered that professional baseball batters with names starting with K (i.e. symbol for strikeout) are more likely to strikeout than other players.

And, college students whose names begin with the initials A or B tend to earn higher grades than students whose names begin with C or D. (Unfortunately no comment on those with initials G-Z...maybe a modular relationship is in place).

Something's wrong! My name actually must start with the letter M...being I am from Minnesota, married to Millie, working with Mathematics, and a lover of Mexican food.

Source: Seattle Times, January 9, 2008