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A Winning Loser

Sometimes people do stupid things. In a USA Today ad in mid-March, the Center for Union Facts initiated a contest to discover the "worst unionized teacher in America."

Once nominations are received, the Center will select ten of the "worst" nominees and offer each $10,000 to quit teaching....but only after these "winners" allow the Center to write about them as teachers on its web site.

Despite the inanity of this contest, one wonders how they will determine the "worst" teachers. Will it be based on test scores, votes of parents or students, an exam, administrator recomendations...?

When you check the Center's web site, you find that anyone age 13 and up can recommend up to three teachers. Plus, the suggested criteria is an "anecdote" that "must be true and reflect poor teaching skills or demeanor, such as stupidity, laziness, foolishness, or odd behavior."

In case you are interested, nominations must be submitted by May 15....Oh, you should note that more than 300 nominations were received in the first two weeks of the contest.

Source: Greg Toppo, USA Today, March 11, 2008