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Mathematics Mis-Used

Parden me for this small rant on my part. I get frustrated at people who use mathematical terms in contexts that are not appropriate.

The example that triggered my current rant is the release of a new CD by underground hip-hopper Cryptic One (actually New Yorker Ian Goldberg, who's half Afro-American and Half Russian).

Labeled Anti-Mobius Strip Theory, the CD is proclaimed by one reviewer to be the "finest existential effort" of a "post-modern poet who could spit insightfully about his own saliva." Deep!

If you are into hip-hop, you can find and listen to certain tracks of the CD via the Internet...I passed on this opportunity.

And oh yea...why a math title for a CD that has nothing to do with mathematics? Cryptic One responds: "Everything has more than one side to it, every situation, every problem, every solution. The title also plays on cycles, and how things loop on themselves, like a Mobius strip." [taken from prhymemates.com]

Anti-Mathematical Hogwash!