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And We Plod Along...

This web site has now existed for three school years (or 30 months of Archives to be more precise). Often, the web site seems to operate in a vacuum...information is entered, posted...but I am never sure if or when anyone is reading the information that is made available. Nonetheless, thanks to those of you who do send me notes, information, and suggestions.

The site was averaging almost 4000 hits weekly, which is great. But, do mathematics teachers and others actually use the information being provided? It is interesting to catalog which pages are most-looked at by visitors to the site, with "Problem-of-the-Week" and "Humor-of-the-Week" winning hands down.

Gradually, I discover that MATHNEXUS is being linked to many other websites, such as those for professional organizations, classroom teachers, and even a few foreign web sites. Guess that's the criteria for "making it."

Have a great summer break!