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Math Trivia

Mathematical trivia seems to gather like dust under a bed. When you carefully look, there always is more there than expected. However, I never know what to do with some of the gathered trivia...except perhaps share it in this column.

For example, over the summer while reading some old magazines, I chanced on an article about Tasumasa Kanada's assualt on producing digits of pi at the University of Tokyo. In September 1999, he computed the 206,158,430,000th decimal digit of pi, exceeding his previous world record of 51,539,600,000 digits.

And the related trivia.... the 206,158,430,00th digit of pi is a 4! So what are you going to do with that fact? I doubt it will ever appear on Jeopardy!

Source: Science News, Oct. 16, 1999