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What Happened to...

Last week's post was about the pi-discoveries of Colin Percival, as a 17-year-old student at Simon Fraser University. Discoveries aside, who was Colin and what has happened to him since 1998?

First, a whiz kid in math, Colin won national contests as early as grade four. Starting work on a B.S. in math at age 13 (while still in high school), he graduated with a highest honors in 2001, focusing on number theory and computer algorithms. From Simon Fraser, Colin went to Oxford University and obtained a Ph.D. in computer science in 2006.

Now 25 years old, Colin lives in Vancouver, Canada. As a visiting researcher at Simon Fraser University, he is a computer information security specialist with his own blog Daemonic Dispatches.

And, he is still playing with the digits of pi. For example, he has a paper in progress documenting that the 40 trillionth and the 1 quadrillionth "binary" digits of pi also are 0!