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Chance of a Lifetime!

Some guy regularly tries to sell four "New Mathematical Formulas" on E-bay...often for outlandish opening bids such as $100,000.

In the E-bay advertisement, the person writes:

  • Do you want to be known and famous and stay remembered as great scientist and inventor like Einstein, Newton, Pythagoras...?
  • Person who will buy these formulas will be seen and recognized as theirs inventor and inventor will give up all authorial rights and give them to a person who will buy these formulas.
So what are these four great formulas? The first formula calculates "how many percent (Vx) number X should be increased that derived number reduced for percent (m), again amount X?"

Now, I think I can calculate this without paying $25000....but then I cannot check as the inventor has not included his formula in the ad "for security reasons."

Oh, well, I would feel guilt if I bought status as a peer equal to Newton or Pythagoras.