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Consider this e-mail received this week...

Hi Jerry,

I have a little story for you that I and some teachers at my school thought you might enjoy to hear. I was introduced to your website by R. C..... I love the site by the way!

Well, I starting giving my precalculus class the problem of the week for extra credit. One of my students went to her uncle for help. He works for an insurance company doing something in logistics. He was very impressed that she was challenging herself with math, and just doing well in school in general. so after approaching him with the problem of the week, he set up a $10.000 scholarship for her when she gets out of high school.

I thought it was really cool that a problem of the week would lead to this, and especially one that you put up. Well, that's my story. Your website is really awesome, and I plan to integrate it more into my classes in the future. Have a great day!

Math Teacher

Wow....what a great story. Thanks....It pays to spread the word: Problem-Solving!