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More Feedback

Last May, Math Lint focused on new books that use mathematics to debunk religion in one way or another.

G.H. (Menifee, CA) is a regular user of this web site who objected to such a misuse of web space. His comments:

I find it hard to believe that any intelligent person would write a book saying that God doesn't exist. They are obviously writing their book from a non religious viewpoint that tries to rationalize themselves or their behavior, and are very prideful and arrogant about where they are currently. Have we forgotten out past?!

Sir Isaac Newton, one of the pillars in mathematics was buried in Westminster Abbey in England not only because of his greatness in mathematics and science but because of his belief in God and how he was able to use the intellectual gifts God gave him to advance mathematics and science. Newton never gave credit to himself but deflected to the One he believed in. In fact, Newton often used mathematics to argue against the critics of the Bible and won many times. Someone who calls themselves a mathematician really has to come to the point that all the theories, formulas, etc cannot come from within ourselves but from an outside source. Newton showed this time and time again. "These books that have been written about the non existence of God should be thrown into the trash because that's where they belong" I sure Newton would say.

I would urge you to take the part of the non-existence of God off your website. Newton would be appalled and so am I.

Again, my thanks to G.H. for his comments, and his willingness to let me reprint them here as a rebuttal. Anyone else want to take a stance?