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Math in the Year 2020

It is December...a time for reflections, resolutions, and predictions. For example, consider this recent reprint of Technology & Learning's predictions for school use of technology (originally made in 1999):

  • Computers will be used just as often as pencils are today.
  • Every student will own a laptop computer with lightning-fast connections.
  • Students will use wireless, pocket-sized computers that look like cordless phones.
  • Voice recognition will overtake keyboards.
  • Kids will surf the Web through watches and necklaces.
  • Students will be able to attend virtual reality cyberclasses from home. Those without home supervision will go to a local technology center.
  • Schools will look more like laboratories and libraries, with teachers carrying out research and students participating where their interest leads them.
  • Kids will be smarter than ever and adults will have to work harder to stay ahead of them.
Now, I could bore you with my criticisms of this list (generated by readers of Technology & Learning). But, it seems more like a misguided wishlist involving skewed vectors, that are neither aimed at the same target nor even at a target that I find desireable.

Nonetheless, I invite your own predictions of what will teaching and learning mathematics be like in the year 2020. Please send them to me via the CONTACT US link, and I will try to post items received in a January column (assuming I get something).

Source: of list: Technology & Learning, November 2005, p. 14.