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CBEST Knows Best

The CBEST is a normed test (aka "extra hoop") developed to meet California requirements for credentialing and employment as a teacher. While cleaning off a book shelf, I found a dusty copy of a 1985 manual designed to help those facing the CBEST.

One sample question caught my eye: Testing is used to:

  1. comply with state requirements
  2. satisfy parents' concerns
  3. evaluate students' progress
How would you answer this question? The odd thing is that with the current state-of-affairs in education today, all three answers are correct...and very evident via the press, media, YouTube, administrators, and teachers. The ones getting lost are the students themselves.

Stop everything! I need to write to the federal government, state legislatures, and opinion ed sections of newspapers...and point out that this authoritative book must have the "real answer" to the question, and all should act or respond accordingly.

That is, according to the book "the" answer is (3)...we test to evaluate students' progress. Note: And I would add that the this provides information that guides both the instructional and learning processes.

Source: Barron's CBEST Manual, 1985, p. 233