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Another Question

In a previous week, I discussed a revealing question from the CBEST. This week yet another question found in a different but still dusty copy of a 1996 manual designed to help those facing Teacher Cerftification Tests.

Again, one sample question caught my eye: A teacher who usually asks a question to which he expects only one correct answer, is not encouraging:

  1. thinking
  2. problem-solving
  3. diverse thinking
  4. critical thinking
How would you answer this question? I was confused, as I kept hunting for an "all of these" option....as each seems reasonable.

But, again this authoritative book rescues us with the "true" answer to this ill-formed question.

That is, according to the book "the" answer is (3), then elaporates: "A teacher who encourages diverse thinking solicits a variety of answers."

A big AHA: No wonder teaching has always been difficult for me, as I have stressed thinking, problem-solving, and critical thinking...not knowing that according to the educational experts, I was focusing on getting a single answer!

No wonder new teachers leave their credential programs confused...

Source: E. Dimock, ARCO Teacher Certification Tests. 1996, p. 206, 210