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Error Checks

Last week's humor involved a check with a clever use of mathematics in the written amount of money involved.

Several users of this site (n>3) suggested that the comment below the check was in error. That is, the check was written as e^(i*pi) not e^(2*pi). First, I did not write the commentary. Second, I think it is right, we just cannot read the check well-enough.

Also, other readers passed on some of their own horror stories. For example, M.N. (Bellingham) writes: I did once write a check when I was a [college] student at **** that caused quite some trouble. The amount was something like $450.44, but rather than write "...and 44/100 dollars" on the check I simplified the fraction to "11/25 dollars." The clerk rejected the check, but after my protests she got a manager who came out and asked me to change it to 44/100 and initial the change. I wasn't happy, they weren't happy, nobody was happy.

Great story...any others to share?