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Math Pushed Aside ...Again!

These troubling economic times are having a negative impact on math classrooms. But, by reading newspapers reporting how school districts are coping with necessary cuts, I am reminded once again of the "lack of importance" of education.

Consider this report about proposed reduction plans for an un-named local school district...and I quote:

  • "$160,000 in classified staffing hours
  • $200,000 in certified staff, which includes teachers. That equals about 2.5. full-time employees.
  • $80,000 in athletic programs. Ideas to replace that revenue already are being explored."
I find this listing unacceptable....especially the last sentence. Why is that sports play such a strong role...that parents will react negatively if plans are not being made to "replace" sports cuts...but nothing is mentioned for education? And before any readers get hot-undet-their-collar, I coached five different sports and love sports. But, I think education is more valuable and should have highest priority!

Source: Bellingham Herald, March 1, 2009