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Wired magazine has coined a new word of jargon: Pre-pre-pre-SAT, to describe the College Board's new standardized exam ReadiStep.

According to the College Board's web site, the two-hour exam is a "low stakes middle school assessment that helps teachers provide the guidance middle school students need to start preparing for high school and college."

The impact is predicatable. Special test preparation booklets and agencies? Early commitments to college entrance at age 14? The creation of a Pre-pre-pre-pre-SAT test that can be given to third graders....and perhaps even one that can be given at brith!

And of course the College Board will make some money from the venture by creating more anxiety. Also, they claim that "ReadiStep provides administrators with the means to increase student achievement, close performance gaps, and increase college-going rates." I am sure (make that "Pre-pre-sure") that they have research results to document all of thse claims.

Source: Wired, Feb. 2009, p. 29