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Philippines Blooper

Television bloopers involving mathematics occur regularly in the United States...but ceratinly not in other countries?

Last year, Philippines teacher Queena Lee-Chua wrote an article on "TV Math Bloopers." It has taken this long for me to find it.

Consider her example of a blooper: A TV host asked a quiz-show contestant this question: "How many tens are there in 523?"

When the contestant could not produce an answer, the host said "The correct answer is 2!" Then, the answer "2" was flashed on the screen...followed by a commercial... followed by a screen-written repeat of the question and a flashing answer of "2."

Lee-Chua writes: Of course, there are not only 2 tens in 523. There are 52 tens in 523."

Later, Lee-Chua cautions: "I commend these shows for including math in their features, but when such mistakes are flashed on TV, they perpetuate common misconceptions not just by students, but also by teachers. I hope media will take care to get their arithmetic straight before they beam such errors to the nation."

And my wonder...how do adults and kids in the Philippines do on 0.98 cents?

Source: Philippines Daily Inquirer, February 9, 2008