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Thank's Steve

It was 10 pm when Steve called me...as to who Steve is, that is a mystery even to me.

I did not recognize the voice that said: "Turn on Jeopardy...I guess it's e!" Then Steve hung up.

I quickly turned on my TV to catch the Final Jeopardy question and answer: "It's the only whole number that when spelled out has all of its letters in reverse alphabetical order."

First contestant guess: "What is eleven?" Second contestant guess: "What is ten?" and third contestant guess: "What is one?"

Now "e" is a clever answer, but it is not a whole number. And "one" is correct...but it seems too quick-to-find.

But I forgot about all of this...wondering who Steve was...and that he cared enough about my weird tendencies to call me at 10 pm one night about a Jeopardy show.