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Milk Duds

Recently, I read the history behind the naming of Milk Duds. Their creator, F. Hoffman & Co. intended to make and market little chocolate-covered caramels in the early 1900s.

However, every time Hoffman's chefs tried to produce the little chocolate caramels in the shape of a ball, they ended up lumpy. Thus, the name Milk Duds.

So is that what happened in mathematics as well, in regards to the naming of things that are "close" to perfection or at the least, what is desired... asymptotes, rectangle, obtuse angles, abscissa, vulgar fractions, imaginary numbers, normal deviates, or pseudosphere.

Given this last term, we could be eating Milk Pseudospheres rather than Milk Duds....or else, the non-Euclidean surface could be called a "dud"!