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Two Questions

The lady in our post office keeps sharing questions from her Cranium "Calendar-of-the-day." How would you do on these two:

  1. Fill in blanks (Hint: trying times)
  2. TRUE or FALSE: In a game of Monopoly, the odds of landing on Illinois Aveue are greater than those of landing on Boardwalk.
Got your answers? Now, compare with the given answers:
  2. TRUE: If only the dice were involved, the probability would be equal, but various cards and other rules change the odds. A simulation of 32 billion dice rolls showed the Illinois Avenue is the property landed on most frequently.
I would have gotten the first one if the clue had been "peachy crutch." As to the second, can a simulation make something a 'fact"? And, how long would it take to simulate 32 billion dice rolls?