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Guru Suze

For 30 years, Suze Orman has been a financial guru, plus has written 6 consecutive best sellers (though she too was caught off-guard by the recent financial collapse).

In an interview, Suze was asked: "What was your favorite subject in school?" Her response: "Math, absolutely--math." Nice answer, Suze!

Then she was asked: "What is your idea of a perfect teacher?" Suze responded: "It would have to be one who inspires you to be more than you ever dreamed you could be." Good answer, Suze!

But, I am left with two more questions: (1) What role does math play in your current work with financial forecasting?, and (2) Aren't the words "perfect teacher" an oxymoran?

Source: Edutopia, Oct/Nov 2008, p. 60