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Write Math Right

Consider this old query: Can you read the following or write them in words so there is no mistaking the amount expressed?
Item A. 2.0⅔
Item B. 0.2⅔

In the 1940s, a teacher, Kate Savage, told students that any fractional amount less than a whole takes the singular form, plus any common fraction holds no place value system but acts as a "tail attached to the previous place."

By her view, Item A should be read "two and two-thirds tenth" and Item B as "two and two-thirds tenths."

Do you agree?

What about 0.7...is it 0.75? Or 0.00...does it become 0.005? If so, what would you do with 0.? Is it 0.5 or 0.05? Be careful, as without a decimal point is 0.5. By Kate Savage's reasoning, the in 0. is attached to the one's place, thus...

Isn't it fun how such simple questions can bother us and provide fun for more than 50 years!

Source: Arithmetic Teacher, April 1958, p. 142