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Laptop in Every Garage And...

In September 2002, Maine's Governor implemented a policy requiring the state to provide a laptop computer to every 7th and 8th grader in the state.

Though certainly visionary in one sense, the state claims their policy has turned out to be cost-effective.

That is, each laptop cost Maine $275 per student per year, compared to the cost of a single textbook which is about $150 per student. Plus, student attendance went up, discipline referrals went down, and 70% of the teachers claim that the laptops help them meet curricular goals.

Maine's argument: "The [PC] is an endless source of information and ideas. The [textbook] is a finite containment of (we hope) the best we know about a subject at a particular moment in time."

Though I am not opposed to the idea, it seems that laptops can be used for more (we hope) than surfing the Internet...but then, by their argument, the students' world becomes finite!

Source: Edutopia