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U Lost Me

Josh Baron asked "Dr. Math" this question: "Is there a name for a number 1 followed by 111 zeros?"

Part of Dr. Math's answer: "Well, here you're getting into some weird territory...there's a lot of disagreement on how to name big numbers. There are basically two systems, the English system and the American system....

"In the English system, the name reflects the powers of 1,000,000, so your number, which is a thousand times 18 powers of 1,000,000, is thousand octodecillion....

"In the American system...if 10^93 is something like trenillion, then your number is sextrenillion...See, the American system counts the powers of 1,000, but it doesn't count one of the powers...

"Anyway, I hope this helps you...of course, most mathematicians would simply leave it as 10^111. Now you see why."

HUH? Dr. Math lost me in the explanation...plus, I am curious, why would someone even want to know the "name for a number 1 followed by 111 zeros"?

And my answser: I probably would say: One-Hundred Billion Google.

Source: "Ask Dr. Math," Math Forum, Jan. 11, 1995