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New Month's Resolutions

In January of 2004, researchers at the University of Chicago polled students regarding their New Year resolutions. In addition to the expected resolutions about sleep, weight, and drinking, the one statement that stood out was "Do more math." What a great resolution...for both students and teachers!

In his blog-of-sorts in the web portal The All I Need of 2004, geru Steve Krause discusses why "New Month Resolutions" are better than "New Year Resolutions." His reasons are that they allow for better reactions to immediate needs, provide opportunities for regular commitments, and have a better chance of succeeding.

While providing further justification of his "New Month Resolutions," Krause mentions an example from mathematics education. That is, students struggling in mathematics, when asked to set short-term goals, outperform those students asked to set long-term goals..and they even develop a more heightened sense of personal control, confidence, determination, and even an interest in mathematics that previously was not present.

Now, Krause does not document the source of this research study, but the stated results do make sense...and offer food-for-thought on how we can impact students' success in mathematics.