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Book Publishers, UGH!

I love books, especially books focusing on the history of mathematics. Thus, my delight when buying the 800+ page text The Fontana History of the Mathematical Sciences. It was a great e-bay buy (I thought), since the cost was only $12 and the shipping was FREE from England.

The book arrived, but its style and organization looked familiar...I was not sure why. Then HH (my friend and fellow booklover) pointed out that the book had been reprinted in the U.S. as a paperback (The Rainbow of Mathematics) and eventually as a hardback (The Norton History of the Mathematical Sciences).

And, I now was the proud owner of all three texts....all exactly alike, but with different titles. UGH!

This practice on the part of publishing companies is wrong, as this is not the first time this has happened to me. Maybe I should change my name to "Change the Cover and I'll Buy It Again!"

So, who wants an copy of a good history of mathematics....?