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Math With
a Sour Note

Will Holland, an English musician, has produced two albums with his jazz-funk group, the Quantic Soul Orchestra.

Now, in dictionaries, “Quantic” is a mathematical word meaning “a homogenous polynomial having two or more variables”. So, what does that have to do with music that some claim bridges Afrobeat and hip-hop?

One reviewer wrote: "Listening...confirms the appropriateness of the moniker. As the latest Quantic album, An Announcement to Answer, proves, one of the most striking features of Holland’s production style is his ability to harmoniously blend diverse musical variables into a homogenous, pleasing sonic mixture."

What...Proof?...and the analogy seems to be stretching things?

The reviewer goes further, issuing an insult: "Quantic’s music does not seem to warrant comparisons with complex mathematics. After all, what is most immediately noticeable about the music is its accessibility."

It is time that musicians stop using mathematical things in their non-understandable ways! For example, below are the names of three CD's recently offered on ebay:

  • Algebra Suicide
  • If Arsenic Fails Try Algebra
  • Math of Crack