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One Year of Fame

It has been over a year, Mr. Andrej Kazakov! In mid-July, 2009, you announced discovery of a new "very promising" algorithm for solving the classic Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP).

At that time, you said: "I studied the algorithm to see how it performed in relation to a range of strategies...The algorithm is still incomplete, but its current shortcomings have been thoroughly analysed and it has been substantially improved."

Now, given a list of cities and their respective distances, the task of TSP is to find a shortest possible trip that allows a salesman to visit each city exactly once. First formulated in 1930, the problem is a classic within optimization theory and is often cited in discussions of NP-Complete problems.

So, Mr. Andrej Kazakov. I got all excited when you made your announcement, especially since you were a university student...and made this proposed discovery as part of a student project. I even mentioned it to my students, trying to incite them to realize that they too could make mathematical discoveries.

I have tried to browse your published paper, and tried to understand your creation of the Building Block Hillclimber technique. But, I have not heard about any further progress...or even verification of your approach.

Perhaps it is because you took a job at Goldman Sachs that same summer. So, it is, one scam joining another?

Source: ScienceDaily, July 16, 2009